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How do I add an assist?

An assist is added to a recipient. That means, you must create a recipient before you can add an assist.

Getting to the new assist page

Recipient doesn't exist

If the recipient doesn't exist, follow the steps to create a recipient. Once you've created a recipient, you'll be redirected to their profile. From their profile you can click the Add assist button in the top right hand corner of the Assists table.

Recipient already exists

You have several ways you can add an assist to an existing recipient.

  1. Search for the recipient in the search bar. Once you've found the recipient in the Recipients table, you can click their profile. Once you're on the profile, click the Add assist button in the top right hand corner of the Assists table.
  2. Using the main menu, hover over Recipients and click All recipients. Once you've found the recipient, you can click the Add assist button.

Adding the assist

Selecting a category

HopeGrid has several pre-defined categories for assists. Some categories prompt you for more information. (IE, if you choose Bus Fare we give you a field to provide the amount given.)


Providing a description is optional, but it helps to use this field if there's specific information about the assist you want visible to your organization (or others, if it's released.)

Fulfilled at

This is the date the assist happened. If you're adding an assist that happened today, you can use the pre-selected date. If this assist happened last week, change the date here to the date it happened last week.

Declined to assist

There are times someone request assistance from your organization, but you decline to help. You may still want to track this, though! Maybe you want to keep a record that the recipient came in and you said no, or you want other organizations to know that you said no to an assist. Check this field if you declined to assist.

Release of information

If you want this assist visible to other churches on the HopeGrid network, you must attach a signed Release of Information form. This is a form downloadable from the Settings page in HopeGrid. A signature from the recipient is required in order for this assist to be releasedIf you upload this document when you add the assist, it will be visible immediately by all churches on HopeGrid.

If you don't want to upload the file at the time, don't fret! You can visit the assist after it's added and upload the document to release it. 👍

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