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What are "Assists" in the search results?

When you search for a recipient using the search bar, you'll see a section titled Assists. This list contains assists for recipients with a name similar to the search term.

Will I see all assists for recipients with that name?

No. You will only see assists for a matching recipient if:

  1. Your organization created the assist
  2. The assisting organization released the assist (by uploading a signed Release of Information)

Why do I see a checkmark or a red x?

If you see a checkmark, that means the organization fulfilled the assist. If you see an x, that means the organization declined to make the assist.

Why do I see what appears to be a church building?

This icon is used to indicate whether the assist was created by you organization or another. 

If your organization created the assist, the icon is blue. If another organization made the assist, the icon is gray. Either way, you can hover over the icon to see the name of the organization that created the assist.

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